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Stackable battery for robotics, miltech and more

[fa icon="calendar"] 20-Jun-2019 16:21:00 / by Rob Brown

Rob Brown

URB0023 Stackable Miltech & Robotics BatteryUltralife Corporation has expanded its range of robotics and military batteries with the introduction of a new LiFePO4 power storage device – the URB0023.  Its high capacity and low self-discharge rate make it ideal for robots that are required to operate for lengthy periods without access to mains electricity (such as AGVs), or stationary power applications paired with diesel, wind, or solar generators; whilst its rugged modular design is well-suited for transportation on the battlefield.


In recent years, Ultralife has developed a wide range of pre-engineered batteries for robotics, including the smart U1 battery to replace sealed lead acid alternatives in AGVs.  Whilst the smart U1 is an ideal 12V battery for logistics robots, the URB0023 offers OEMs a 24V alternative. The higher 24 Volt output is great for running motors at a high efficiency.  With a high capacity of 54Ah and a low self-discharge rate of less than five per cent at 23 degrees Celsius; the URB0023 is a reliable choice where down time could have a significant financial impact.

To ensure high performance, the URB0023 has an excellent cycle life of more than 2,000 cycles, which equates to over 5 years of daily operation. That is up to ten times more charge cycles than other leading power storage devices on the market; perfect for logistics robots that are often required to function ‘24/7, apart from an hour’s down time every day for maintenance’ (such as those at an Amazon warehouse).


In addition to being well-suited for use in robotics, the URB0023 has also been designed for military use; building upon Ultralife’s extensive knowledge in providing leading battery solutions to the US Military, Government, International Forces and OEMs.

Designed to be compatible with most 24V military power systems, the URB0023 is an 'on the go' renewable power system to store energy when it is available and deliver it when needed.   

Just as with Ultralife’s existing military batteries, the URB0023’s mechanical design has been optimized to cope with severe environments; boasting a rugged, military tough case construction.  Other design considerations include the ability for the battery to be strapped down to secure it, so that it can be harnessed as an auxiliary power unit in a military vehicle.

Reduce weight on soldierOver the years, one of the most common demands on the military has been to reduce the weight on the soldier, to increase their mobility and reduce the likelihood of ankle and spinal injuries.  Therefore, the URB0023 has been given a stackable design, so that soldiers can easily carry each battery separately and assemble the stack on location.  Up to ten individual batteries can be connected on top of one another, providing greater on-to-go capacity during operations.

Other Applications

It is this stackable design that allows the URB0023 to fit almost any application.  For example, it can be used to store power in hybrid power systems (including military hybrid power systems) requiring anywhere from 1kwhr to 10kwhrs of storage at 24V or 48V.  It is also ideally suited to solar or wind applications due to high cycle life capabilities.

Finally, the stacking enclosure also has another benefit that extends its use capability.  Empty cases are available to allow OEMs to integrate all sorts of kit and stack them in the system.  Power distribution, renewable energy conversion, or tactical operations gear are all potential pieces of equipment that can be integrated into this battery system.

As well as allowing Ultralife to continue its reputation as a leading manufacturer of batteries for robotics and military sectors, the URB0023’s unique design allows it to have a wealth of functions serving countless applications.
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Rob Brown

Written by Rob Brown

Marketing Executive with over 10 years' experience.