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Pairing Ultralife batteries with renewable energy

[fa icon="calendar"] 17-Sep-2020 15:07:00 / by Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Ultralife has taken steps towards enhancing its battery portfolio for the renewable energy sector – with the addition of the URB0023 stackable battery and by approving SuperWind Turbines for use with it and other Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Stackable battery and renewable energy

Stackable battery for robotics, miltech & moreIn June 2019, we reported on the launch of the URB0023 LiFePO4 power storage device that has a stackable design to help it fit almost any application.  For example, it can be used to store power in hybrid power systems (including military hybrid power systems) requiring anywhere from 1kwhr to 10kwhrs of storage at 24V or 48V.

However, it is also ideally suited to solar or wind applications due to high cycle life capabilities and low self-discharge rate.

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SuperWind Turbines approved with Ultralife LiFePO4 Batteries

Leading on from this, Ultralife approved SuperWind Turbines for use with the URB0023 and other products in the URB series of lead acid replacement batteries.


URB12200 LiFePO4 Battery


URB12350 LiFePO4 Battery


URB12550 LiFePO4 Battery


URB12550-22NF LiFePO4 Battery


URB121000 LiFePO4 Battery


URB0023 LiFePO4 Battery

~NEW~ URB0023

Capacity (Ahr) 20 32 56 53 100 54
Capacity (Whr) 256 410 714 675 1280 1380
Voltage 12 12 12 12 12 24
UN 38.3 x x x x x x
IEC/CB 62133 x x x x x  
UL 2054 x x        

Utilising environmentally friendly LiFePO4 chemistry, with no toxic heavy metals or caustic materials, these batteries have been proven to save energy, such as by reducing the frequency at which maintenance charging needs to be performed.

As well as saving energy, the URB series is also ideal for use in renewable energy and other high cycling applications.  Rated to 1,500 cycles of 100% Depth of Discharge, LiFePO4 batteries are an excellent energy storage device in applications with constant, even daily cycling.

SuperWind Turbine and Ultralife BatteriesPaired with a Superwind 350 from Mission Critical Energy, these batteries will provide power to an application in even the harshest conditions (such as military).

All URB Series batteries have a high flat voltage during discharge, providing more power for longer than traditional lead acid batteries.  This superior performance characteristic is maintained, even at higher discharge currents which means more energy is delivered.


Proven performance

In addition to being certified for use with SuperWind Turbines, batteries in the URB series are also suitable for solar applications, including the URB1270.  In the 5000mA load test shown in the graphs, the URB1270 delivers more than twice the energy of a lead acid battery, which proves its capability to outperform lead-acid in power demanding applications.

Lead Acid vs. LiFePO4


In a world that is increasingly concerned with its impact on the environment, Ultralife is making strides in the renewable energy sector by releasing new batteries that can pair with renewable energy, such as the URB0023 battery, and approving wind turbines for use with LiFePO4 batteries.

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For more information about the Super Wind 350 Turbine please visit Mission Critical Energy at
www.MissionCriticalEnergy.com or email Power@MissionCriticalEnergy.com


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