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What do Medical OEMs want?

[fa icon="calendar"] 18-Jan-2017 10:55:03 / by Michele Windsor

Michele Windsor

The medical market is a challenging environment, and understandably so, with people's lives on the line it is essential that medical practitioners can rely on their equipment to perform under pressure.

Rechargeable batteries are usually required in portable and transportable medical equipment, either to power the equipment directly or to provide a back-up power source and with the rise in the use of portable devices such as acute ventilators, anaesthesia workstations and intra-oral scanners many medical OEMs struggle to keep pace in the market.  As more and more of these hi-tech medical devices free themselves from the confines of mains electricity the demand is growing for rechargeable batteries with a high-power capability that can safely and reliably deliver energy to these devices.

Medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have long looked to battery companies to provide the answers, but have often been let down by a lack of understanding of their requirements, this may be due to increasing regulatory framework, demanding development schedules or the need for products to be truly innovative at a time when medical OEMs are under pressure to reduce costs and increase the value in each product they sell.  It is against this background that Accutronics developed the Entellion CMX series of Lithium ion batteries and chargers.





Designed specifically for medical OEMs, following extensive research and discussion with customers and hospitals, CMX series batteries and chargers are available off-the shelf or can be easily customised to meet a particular OEM requirement.  Options include product labelling and case colours, software setup and SHA-1 algorithmic security, which prevents counterfeit batteries being used under fraudulent warranty claims.

The batteries in the CMX range use different cell types to provide specific performance attributes which are required for the medical device market:

  • For devices that draw very high levels of power then the CMX820P offers 330W discharge capability
  • When energy density is important but high power discharge is also required the CMX810M offer a balance between size and power capability.

Hospitals can now perform routine power management checks without having to remove the medical device from service using the smart charger that accompanies the CMX battery.  

If you have a new portable medical device project and would like to know more you can download our brochure here, visit our website,  call us on +44 1782 566688 or 

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Michele Windsor

Written by Michele Windsor

Global Marketing Manager for Ultralife Corporation & Accutronics Ltd specialising in Digital & Multi-channel campaigns, CRM Integration & Web Design