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Ultralife Plug & Play Rechargeable Systems

[fa icon="calendar"] 06-Sep-2016 19:52:32 / by Michele Windsor

Michele Windsor

The Ultralife 2590 product family consists of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, chargers & charging systems, and a series of cables & connectors enabling out-of-the-box "Plug and Play" rechargeable power.

UBBL10-01.jpgThe UBI-2590 NEXT GEN SMBUS & SOCI rechargeable battery (P/N: UBBL10-01) is designed to meet the MIL-PRF 32383/3 certification.  It’s also made to be completely interoperable with all of the current xx90 accessories and chargers while having the same reputation, ruggedness and quality you expect from Ultralife!


  • Designed to meet U.S. Army MIL-PRF-32383/3
  • Rugged, military tough case construction
  • SmartCircuit Technology® - Implements SMBus v1.1 smart battery technology
  • Flexible output voltage
  • State-of-Charge display
  • High energy density

Suitable for applications such as:

  • Rugged, portable electronics
  • Robotics / AUVs / UUVs
  • Military communication devices
  • AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-119, AN/PSC-5D

The 2590 Product Family consists of :

Batteries Chargers Cables
2590 without SOC I CH0002 CA0002
2590 w/SOC CH0003/MRC-85A CA0006
2590 w/SOCI & SMBus CH0004/MRC-86A CA0007
2590 Expanded Capacity with SOCI & SMBUS      UKT0011 CA0008
  MRC-83, MRC-88 UCA0039
  MRC-135A, MRC-143A       
  MRC-11A, MRC-12A  


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Michele Windsor

Written by Michele Windsor

Global Marketing Manager for Ultralife Corporation & Accutronics Ltd specialising in Digital & Multi-channel campaigns, CRM Integration & Web Design