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Accutronics and portable electronics

[fa icon="calendar"] 19-May-2016 10:30:00 / by Michele Windsor

Michele Windsor

Whether it is a POS (Point of Sale) machine used in a restaurant or high-tech night-vision goggles, portable electronics invade every aspect of our personal and professional lives.  Engineers, scientists, restaurant staff, delivery operatives and Doctors all use portable electronic equipment to keep the world turning.  The common denominator in all of these devices is the requirement for a safe and reliable battery system. 

The research and development team at Accutronics is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the rechargeable batteries that allow professional people to measure, calculate, interrogate, sample, monitor or communicate in the way their jobs demand.

OEMs around the world, in a variety of industry sectors, rely on Accutronics to produce their batteries on time and within the specified budget, made possible by integrating fuel gauging electronics, active protection circuits and careful cell balancing into our batteries.  Providing customers with state of the art battery functionality is the focus of all our efforts.

A key requirement for all portable electronics is that they be easy to use, lightweight and, depending on where they are used, robust.  
In the defense sector for instance, when military operatives on duty have to transport this crucial equipment on their person they simply can’t afford to be overloaded.  Accutronics provides the batteries that power this equipment and helps ensure they do weigh down the troops.   Moreover, where soldiers have to carry radio equipment, transmitters, lighting or vision systems, robustness becomes an additional imperative.  Accutronics’ batteries are designed to withstand cold nights in the mountains, as well as hot days of patrolling though desserts.

Powering mission critical equipment, as well as handheld devices used by delivery drivers or restaurant staff, is ultimately a matter of flexibility and ingenuity.  Accutronics’ designers are used to taking every detail into account when creating the prototypes for your batteries and chargers.  By continually re-focusing on the purpose of the end technology and concentrating our technical understanding, we have always endeavoured to support our customers in achieving their objectives.

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Michele Windsor

Written by Michele Windsor

Global Marketing Manager for Ultralife Corporation & Accutronics Ltd specialising in Digital & Multi-channel campaigns, CRM Integration & Web Design