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Good Things Come in Small Packages

[fa icon="calendar"] 09-May-2017 12:14:45 / by Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver

The Entellion CC1150 mini credit card battery, launched at the end of 2015, is the perfect solution when a small, compact but highly functional battery solution is required.   The CC1150 a 3.7V, 1.15h (4.2Wh) Lithium-ion 2.0A battery measuring just 54mm square and 9.5mm high, occupying half the footprint of a standard credit card.

The CC1150 also features an active electronic protection system that prevents overcharge, over discharge and short circuit, crucial for hands-on environments. In addition, the built-in, high accuracy, impedance tracking, fuel gauge means the CC1150 can track battery status information including remaining capacity (mAh), remaining runtime, percentage charge, battery voltage (mV) and temperature.

Portable devices are getting smaller yet battery manufacturers have been slow to provide devices that pack the same functionality into smaller form factors which is why we developed the CC1150 mini credit card battery and CX3050 charger.

Since its launch OEMs have been able to reduce their testing costs and improve return on investment by specifying these units into their new portable devices. Being fully tested to meet the international requirements of IEC62133 and UN38.3 and, because the battery is under 100Wh, customer have also saved time and costs during transportation.

Accompanied by the Entellion CX3050, a slimline desktop charger, the CC1150 battery can be charged separately from the device. Even though there is a trend among many OEMs to use embedded batteries it's not always practical to take the entire device to a charging point. For these situations, simply swapping the empty battery for a fully charged one, allows devices to remain in continuous use - this is where our charger comes into its own.

The CX3050 desktop charger is supplied with a 100-240VAC wall mounted power supply, charging the battery in just 2.5 hours. Built in LEDs indicate power, charging, fully charged and fault conditions. Furthermore, interchangeable AC blades mean the units can be used in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and China. The CX3050 is also pre-qualified with certification for UL and IEC60950-1 as well as being CE marked.  Customers can further customise the casing, labelling and packaging.

Typical application includes:

  • Handheld Displays
  • Endoscope cameras
  • Professional Radios
  • Diagnostic Devices
  • Wearable Data Loggers
  • Air Monitoring
  • IoT Pressure & Temperature Monitoring
  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • Mobile sensors
  • Body worn IoT enabled data collectors
  • Wearable Infusion Pumps
  • Worn Tracking Devices
  • External VAD Controller
  • Video Comms
  • Handheld analysers
  • Nebuliser controllers
  • Medical Instruments
  • Portable Microwave Measurement Devices
  • Ultrasound

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Neil Oliver

Written by Neil Oliver

Having worked in the battery industry for over 24 years I have extensive experience and technical knowledge which provides a valuable link between OEM customers and Accutronics’ technical functions.