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13 High Energy Standard Li-ion Smart Batteries provide longer runtimes

[fa icon="calendar"] 26-Jan-2016 14:01:09 / by Michele Windsor

Michele Windsor

Inspired Energy standard smart batteries have always delivered outstanding performance due to their high energy lithium ion chemistry, accurate fuel gauging and smart charging technology.  As customers continue to demand longer runtimes from their power hungry equipment Inspired Energy now offer thirteen Lithium Ion battery models with the latest 3.35Ah Lithium ion cells.


Available in four different voltage outputs (3.6V, 7.2V, 10.8V and 14.4V) and with stored energy from 24.5Wh to 97.9Wh, these thirteen li-ion battery models are ready to power the next generation of portable equipment.


Accutronics are Inspired Energy’s sole distributor and we can supply each battery off the shelf, in multi-currency (€ / £ / $) pricing, on-line purchasing, European stock holding and fast customer support from our headquarters in the UK.


Each battery model meets the requirements of the latest transportation regulations and as they are all rated at less than one hundred Watt-hours, their transportation is simple compared to larger, fully restricted Lithium ion batteries.


3.6V models

ND2053ED34 - 49.0Wh (23x78x85mm)

7.2V models

NB2037HD34 - 24.5Wh (23x42x86mm)

ND2037HD34 - 49.0Wh (23x42x151mm)

ND2057HD34 - 49.0Wh (23x78x85mm)

NF2047HD34 - 73.4Wh (22x59x150mm)

NH2057HD34 - 97.9Wh (23x78x151mm)

10.8V models

NC2040HD34 -36.7Wh (22x59x85mm)

NF2030HD34 - 73.4Wh (23x42x217mm)

NF2040HD34 - 73.4Wh (22x59x150mm)

14.4V models

ND2034HD34 - 49.0Wh (23x42x151mm)

ND2054HD34 - 49.0Wh (23x78x85mm)

NH2034HD34 - 97.9Wh (23x42x282mm)

NH2054HD34 - 97.9Wh (23x78x151mm)


Our technical support service ensures you can design an Inspired Energy battery into your new device with total confidence. We can provide CAD models, application support and design advice to ensure your product development is short and problem free.

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Michele Windsor

Written by Michele Windsor

Global Marketing Manager for Ultralife Corporation & Accutronics Ltd specialising in Digital & Multi-channel campaigns, CRM Integration & Web Design